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In High Spirits | Blackberry Ginger Smash Spirit Infusion Kit

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Infuse your spirits with our alcohol infusion kits! The Blackberry Ginger Smash infusion kit includes blackberries, lemon, and ginger. Try it in a mule or a whiskey sour!

All of our infusion kits use 16 oz glass jars and make 12 ounces of infused spirit, or 8+ drinks, each. Each kit comes with the labeled, filled jar, a safety seal, and a card with instructions and cocktail suggestions both easy and complex.

For the best, strongest flavor, we recommend starting the infusion process within 1 year and use the infused spirit within 3 months once infused.

To infuse, just provide your own spirits (alcohol not included) and follow 3 easy steps: fill, steep for 3 days, and strain!

While the Blackberry Ginger Smash infusion would be great with any alcohol you choose, we think it’s best for whiskey, tequila, or gin. Instructions for non-alcoholic infusions are also included.