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In High Spirits | The Campfire Spirit Infusion Kit

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Infuse your spirits with our alcohol infusion kits! The Campfire infusion kit includes apples, lemon, cinnamon, smoked brown sugar, and lapsang souchong (smoked black tea). Sip it straight or try it in an old fashioned!

All of our infusion kits use 16 oz glass jars and make 12 ounces of infused spirit, or 8+ drinks, each. Each kit comes with the labeled, filled jar, a safety seal, and a card with instructions and cocktail suggestions both easy and complex.

For the best, strongest flavor, we recommend customers start the infusion process within 1 year and use the infused spirit within 3 months once infused.

To infuse, just provide your own spirits (alcohol not included) and follow 3 easy steps: fill, steep for 3 days, and strain!

While the Campfire infusion would be great with any alcohol you choose, we think it’s best for whiskey, rum, or vodka. Instructions for non-alcoholic infusions are also included.